When Did The Cannabis Industry Become Too Good For ‘Stoners’?

Summary: When Did The Cannabis Industry Become Too Good For ‘Stoners’?

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When Did The Cannabis Industry Become Too Good For ‘Stoners’?

I am no hippie. I don’t like tie-dyed T-shirts, and rarely listen to the Grateful Dead. I don’t enjoy bong rips and dab hits. I am not a consumer of the “stoner culture.”
Instead, I wear ironed light-blue shirts, and ties, and suits, and cufflinks. I polish my shoes, and read The Economist. I pay my bills in time, never miss a day of work, and make my parents proud.
But I also love weed. Yes, weed. Marijuana. Pot. Ganja. The good herb.
And I am no better than a “stoner.” Why are you?

In the past few years, the cannabis industry has seen incredible growth and maturation. This has led a lot of so-called “serious” people into the industry.
Suddenly, most of these people, who got into the space in the name of “ending the stigma,” are over and above stoners. They diss recreational cannabis users –overlooking the fact that wellbeing and happiness are essential to wellness; they marginalize “stoners;” they tell people they can’t call cannabis, marijuana, weed, pot, ganja…
What’s the deal with this new form of discrimination and stigma? What’s up with banning words and ways to use cannabis? Why is it that the people who defended cannabis and fought for legalization for decades are now, suddenly, not good enough for the industry and the movement and the image we project? Why are we, members of the cannabis community, discriminating our brothers, sisters, and siblings?
For one, I am not fine with that. If you aren’t either, please tell me why.


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